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Bone Grafting - Danbury, CT

Losing Your Smile Foundation?

Regain a Strong, Distinct Jawline

When you lose teeth, you risk losing more than just the esthetics of your smile. Your teeth are anchored in your jawbone. Without the stimulation of chewing and healthy roots, your jawbone can begin to recede. You may not only lose more teeth, but your face may take on a sunken, prematurely aged appearance, too. Dental implants give you back the beauty and function of your smile after tooth loss—if you have a strong jawbone to support them. CT Dental Implant Center can make you a candidate for that smile upgrade with bone grafting in Danbury, CT.

As a Columbia University-trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon with nearly 20 years of experience, Dr. Wladimir Gedeon is a verified bone grafting expert. He regularly rebuilds deteriorated jawbones for patients as part of his comprehensive list of dental implant treatments. When he performs bone grafting in an implant surgical site, he promotes new bone growth. The process is as amazing as it is effective.

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Rebuilding Your Jaw

Dr. Gedeon performs bone grafting in a modern surgical suite equipped with state-of-the-art technology and multiple anesthesia options. These include local anesthesia, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and IV sedation, a more advanced type of sedation that essentially lets you sleep painlessly throughout your procedure. Once you’re comfortable, Dr. Gedeon will take a small portion of bone from your own body or a suitable synthetic source and place it where the bone has receded. This bone material will ultimately fuse with the existing bone to reestablish a stable jaw. He may be able to place your dental implants during the same appointment!

Featured Bone Grafting Services

Ridge Augmentation

When your jawbone decays your facial features may not only sink, you may lose the distinctive look that defines you as an individual. To help you reclaim your appearance, Dr. Gedeon performs ridge augmentation. Using bone grafting material, he reshapes your jawbone to restore it to an earlier, healthier state.

Sinus Lift

Bone loss in the upper jaw carries with it the possibility of an added complication that doesn’t occur in the lower jawbone. The upper jaws support your sinus cavities. If the bone below them decays the sinuses can expand into this new, available space. Through a procedure called a sinus lift, Dr. Gedeon gently elevates the sinuses back into place and places bone grafting material underneath them.

Advanced Healing Techniques

Hard tissue (bone) and soft tissue (gums) heal at different rates after surgery, gums being the faster of the two. If adjacent bone and gum tissue are healing at the same time, they can impede each other’s progress. Dr. Gedeon can prevent this by positioning a biocompatible mesh barrier between them through a process called guided tissue regeneration (GTR). He may also use plasma-rich growth factors (PrGF) derived from a small sample of your blood to create a protective coating over your surgical sites and stimulate tissue regrowth. Through these advanced healing techniques Dr. Gedeon helps ensure you enjoy a smooth, natural healing process.

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