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Single & Multiple Dental Implants - Danbury, CT

Is Your Smile Starting to Fail?

Dental Implants Put You Back in Control

Are you starting to lose teeth? Those gaps in your smile can make it difficult to eat many foods, cause you to develop a temporary speech impediment, and make you feel self-conscious around others. Let us assure you that you can have a full, healthy smile again that will enable you to enjoy daily life as you deserve. 

Dental implants restore your smile’s function and esthetics—and your self-confidence. They’re impervious to decay, so you’ll never need a filling or a root canal in them. See how life-changing even a single dental implant in Danbury, CT can be!

A respected oral and maxillofacial surgeon with 20 years of experience, Dr. Wladimir Gedeon has placed more than 2,000 implants. He earned his dental degree at Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery and followed that with an additional four years of advanced specialty training that culminated in a hospital-based residency. 

As an oral surgeon he has a deeper understanding of oral and facial anatomy than many practitioners. His extensive credentials have made his name synonymous for surgical excellence with compassion. No one is better qualified to help you enjoy the benefits of life with single or even full mouth dental implants!

dental implant xray
dental implant xray

Life-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Eat a more satisfying selection of foods
  • Speak clearly and naturally
  • Smile confidently
  • Reinforce your jaw
  • Strengthen your overall dental health

Dr. Gedeon Gives Us The Reasons Why Dental Implants Fail

Three Steps for a Restored Smile

Step 1: Personalized Consultation and Exam

There are multiple ways to restore a missing tooth, including partial dentures and bridges. For lasting, stable performance, Dr. Gedeon always recommends an implant. He’ll confirm that you qualify in a personalized consultation. This gives him the chance to hear your thoughts on your smile restoration and perform a thorough dental exam. Using our in-house cone beam CT scanner, he can capture 3D x-ray images of the proposed treatment area with minimal radiation. The images provide the foundation for your treatment plan. He’ll also take specifications for customized surgical guides, which he’ll use to perform precise implant placement during the following appointment.

Step 2: Guided Implant Placement Surgery

Prior to starting your placement surgery, Dr. Gedeon makes you comfortable with one or more of our sedation options. He’s licensed to administer IV sedation, which will keep you in a pain-free, sleeplike state for the duration of your procedure. Once you’re sedated, he can perform any preliminary treatments you may need, such as extracting decayed teeth, bone grafting to reestablish your jawbone strength after bone recession, and gum disease treatment. He may also use advanced healing techniques like plasma-rich growth factors (PrGF) to help your surgical sites heal more smoothly. Dr. Gedeon will only perform those treatments if needed, depending on your current state of dental health. They’re not part of every dental implant procedure.

After completing those treatments, Dr. Gedeon will begin implant placement. He starts by fitting your customized surgical guide (or guides if you’re having teeth replaced on both arches) on top of your gums. Holes in the guides enable Dr. Gedeon to insert the screw-like implants into your jaw at precisely the right position, depth, and angle for a lasting fit and reliable function. He uses high-quality implants from top manufacturers including BioHorizons® and Nobel Biocare™ for the best results. He’ll then put temporary crowns or bridges (for multiple adjoining teeth) on the implants so that you can begin to enjoy the advantages of a full smile while your surgical sites are healing.

Step 3: Your Smile and Your Confidence Restored

It may take your jaws three months or more to heal completely following implant placement. During that period, your implants will permanently bond with your jawbone. After that process has concluded, you’ll come back to see Dr. Gedeon and receive your final restorations. These will be sturdy, natural-looking replacement teeth that complement the shade of remaining healthy teeth for a seamless smile. From then on you won’t have trouble eating or feel embarrassed when you laugh, speak or smile. Give your dental implants and natural teeth routine care and you may never again need to have a missing tooth replaced!

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Affordable Tooth Replacement

While dental implants do have a specific price tag, it’s hard to put a price on their life-changing benefits. To allow you to experience them, Dr. Gedeon and the CT Dental Implant Center team accept a number of payment options

We take many types of dental insurance and work with your insurer to see that you get the fullest benefit that your coverage permits. In addition, we’ve secured the services of leading third-party financing companies that can help you cover your treatment costs through flexible monthly plans. 

Don’t let anything stand between you and a dental implant in Danbury, CT!

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