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If you’ve lost all your teeth or have just a few unhealthy ones remaining, you’ve gotten accustomed to a poor quality of life. Eating only soft foods. Speaking little to avoid embarrassment. Smiling rarely if ever. You need healthy teeth to have a happy, confident life. To experience that again, you need full mouth dental implants. They restore all the function and beauty of your smile, allowing you to fully enjoy life. CT Dental Implant Center is your source for surgical excellence with compassion and quality full mouth dental implants in Danbury, CT. Our name says it all!

We were founded by Dr. Wladimir Gedeon, an acclaimed oral and maxillofacial surgeon and dental implant specialist who’s been practicing for 20 years. To earn that distinction, he completed four years of advanced specialty training—including a hospital-based residency—after finishing his dental degree at Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery. Oral surgeons have a deep understanding of the oral and facial anatomy and are the recognized experts in turning failing teeth into whole, healthy, grateful smiles. Dr. Gedeon is certified to provide this with the renowned TeethXpress® protocol. Compare it to other full mouth solutions now!

Why Choose TeethXpress for Dental Implant Treatment?

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Full Smile Restoration

Dentures are a time-tested and cost-effective solution for missing teeth replacement. They’re still widely used and provide generally good results. They do have some drawbacks, however. Dentures may slip out of place while you’re eating or speaking, can irritate your gums, and hinder your enjoyment of food. Implant supported dentures are anchored in your jawbone with two or more implants, so they stay securely in place and enable you to eat more types of food. For lasting performance, natural appearance, and zero food limitations, Dr. Gedeon will always recommend full mouth dental implants. Judge for yourself!


Removable Dentures

  • Removable
  • Last 5+ years
  • May require adhesives
  • Allow bone recession
  • Limit food choices
implant supported denture

Implant Supported Dentures

  • Removable or fixed
  • Last 10+ years
  • Secured by 2+ implants
  • Limit bone recession
  • Expand food choices
full arch dental implants


  • Fixed for lasting support
  • Last decades
  • Secured by 4+ implants
  • Prevent bone recession
  • No dietary limitations

Regain Control of Your Smile in 3 Steps

Step 1: Personalized Consultation, Qualification, and Planning

Dr. Gedeon can determine whether you qualify for full mouth dental implants based on your current dental health. He’ll discuss your personal smile goals and do a thorough dental examination. Using our low-radiation cone beam CT scanner, he captures 3D images that give him a full x-ray view of your teeth, gums, and jaws. He’ll use these images as the basis of your treatment planning. An essential part of that process is nSequence® guided technology, which allows Dr. Gedeon both to do an advance virtual test run of your procedure to identify and overcome potential issues and to develop surgical guides that will take the guesswork out of placement itself.

Step 2: Ultra-Precise, Predictable Implant Placement

At the start of your placement procedure Dr. Gedeon makes you comfortable by administering anesthesia, which may include local, nitrous oxide, and/or IV sedation. This treatment puts you in a pain-free, sleeplike state for your entire procedure. After you’re relaxed, he can complete any preparatory treatments you may need, such as decayed tooth removal, bone grafting to rebuild recessed jawbone, and gum disease treatment. He may also employ advanced healing techniques including plasma-rich growth factors (PrGF) to facilitate your healing.

Dr. Gedeon performs full mouth dental implant placement following the celebrated TeethXpress® protocol. He begins by placing your customized nSequence surgical guides on your gums. Holes in the guides empower him to insert the screw-like implants into your jaws at the precise location, angle, and depth for a comfortable fit and lasting performance. He uses only top-quality implants from leading manufacturers like BioHorizons® to ensure your smile, and the materials used to restore it, last a lifetime. He’ll then put a temporary restoration on your implants, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile without worry while your dental implant insertion sites heal.

Replacing Missing Teeth with TeethXpress Dental Implants

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Step 3: Final Restorations and New Beginnings

Your jaws may take three or more months to fully heal after implant surgery. Your implants will permanently fuse with your jawbone during that time. Once that process is complete, you’ll return to Dr. Gedeon to have your final restorations permanently placed. That means one or more full arches of durable, realistic-looking replacement teeth that will restore all the biting power and dental beauty you ever had, plus give you a level of self-confidence you may have never experienced before. Take care of your dental implants and you may be able to enjoy all of those benefits the rest of your life!

A Full Smile on a Limited Budget

Though dental implants have a specific cost, their benefits are priceless. To help you enjoy the smile you deserve, Dr. Gedeon and our team offer a variety of payment options. We accept dental insurance and work with your provider to get the maximum benefit that your plan allows. We’ve also partnered with major third-party financing companies that offer flexible monthly payment plans to cover your cost. Talk to us and you’ll see that you can afford TeethXpress full mouth dental implants in Danbury, CT!

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