Getting the Most out of Your New Dental Implants

a model of a placed dental implant

Receiving dental implants can quite literally change your life. Suddenly, you have at least one, if not several, beautiful new teeth. Many dental implant patients are so excited by their revitalized smiles that they wish they had worked with our oral surgeon to have them placed sooner.

Of course, once you have dental implants, you need to do your part to get the most out of these wildly popular restorative dentistry options. Below are some tips to help you protect your dental implants so they can serve you for decades.

Follow Your Dentist’s Orders Right After Placement

After having your dental implants surgically placed, you will want to follow our oral surgeon’s recommendations fully. From being careful about how much force you put against your implants at first, to flossing and brushing morning and night, keep yourself on track. The more closely you follow the instructions you are given, the less likely you will have any complications.

Talk to Your Dentist About Any Issues

What happens if you feel like your dental implants are causing problems? How about if you notice that a dental implant seems wiggly or you smell an unpleasant odor coming from around the implant site? Your best bet is to call our office right away. Dental implants have very high success rates. If yours is beginning to fail for any reason, immediate intervention can often save the implant from further surgery.

Practice Speaking With Your Dental Implants

You may have been missing teeth for so long that you got accustomed to speaking a certain way. Now, you may feel like your mouth seems too full or crowded with your implants. The way to overcome this sensation is to practice speaking out loud. Pick up a book or magazine and read aloud for five minutes each day. Over time, your tongue and lips will get used to your dental implants, and your speech will be crisper.

Keep Going to All Your Dental Checkups

Just because you have dental implants does not mean you should avoid going to the dentist for routine checkups. Schedule your six-month appointments like clockwork. That way, your dentist can make sure that your mouth looks great, and your dental implants are working as expected.

Are you considering getting more dental implants or replacing a dental bridge with implants? Get in touch with our highly credentialed oral surgeon who specializes in dental implant placement.

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